Our Farmhouse is A.I.A.B. certified.

These hills are strewn with cherry orchards, vineyards and olive groves - they are the pride and proof of the history of a traditional, farming Tuscany.

The environment is respected and loved, it is protected by natural hedges and offers shelter to many animals, (permanent and migratory) like hares and foxes, sparrows and buzzards, herons and ducks: These animals live in harmony with the herd of “limousine” cattle which pasture freely in the fields.

It is a sort of oasis where you can rest your spirit from the abuse of a frenetic world, an area in which animals can build their nests and find food to rear their young without the risk of chemical poisoning from synthetic fertilisers and weedkillers.

We believe in an environment in which man has found a new harmony with the countryside and has begun a respectful relationship with it.

Respect! Our family has been handing down these values from generation to generation. And it is by making the most of these resources and traditions that we wants to prove that “another world” is not only possible but already exists.

The proof is in all the animals wild boars, deer, squirrels and others which have been forced to leave their habitat due to urbanisation and have found shelter on our land.