Our Farmhouse is A.I.A.B. certified.

Our restaurant feeds the mind as well as the body: typical Tuscan foods are served in a rural setting of past times.

And thanks to the real wood open fire, lined with heat retaining fire stone, and the use of our own organic farm products, we have managed to rediscover tastes of our own tradition which have been gradually replaced by artificial tasting foods of poor nutritional value.

Meals in our farmhouse restaurant are like banquets from which we get up content and with that satisfied smile that only a good meal accompanied by an excellent wine can bring to our lips.
Genuine products are not only confined to the kitchen. We have been selling (A.I.A.B. certified) organic meat in our farm shop for 20 years.

Around once a month you can buy pork and veal which we butcher ourselves - the same animals you can see grazing in the fields. Rabbits, free range chicken, ducks, pigeons or other animals which we raise in our farmyard are also on sale.

All in all it is a sales outlet where you can combine a healthy eating lifestyle with antique and genuine tastes. A shop which sells organic olive oil cold pressed from the olives of our trees, cherries, persimmons apples and pears which grow in our orchards on the “poggio” opposite our farmhouses.